Colleen Dix

Innovative, Creative, Flexible

Lyn has been our consultant at Lions Haven for some years and her overall knowledge of the Aged Care Industry is one of outstanding value, Lyn’s approach to the Aged Care industry is one of passion and devotion and this enthusiasm becomes infectious amongst the staff.

Lyn has been proactive and instrumental in encouraging our staff to improve their skilis and has seen many of our staff work towards and be successful in achieving certificates in their chosen field. This has then become a domino effect with more staff wanting to improve their professional development opportunities.

Lyn has been providing education to our staff on ACFl and a range of many other topics. Since this has been happening we have seen the documentation from our care staff improve dramatically. This improvement has seen financial benefits to our funding for ACFI

Lyn’s approach to delivery of education, and her demeanour with staff is one of a very professional manner. Staff are very comfortable with Lyn and they are able to ask questions with the knowledge that no question is a silly one. We are very lucky in being able to have such a knowledgeable person to assist us in any area that we feel we need.

All our staff fook forward to Lyn’s visits and will always have one or more questions to ask her when she is here.