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Above And Beyond Award Winners 2012

Above and Beyond 2012


NIMAChis noteworthy award sponsored jointly by National Care Solutions and NIMAC is going from strength to strength, making the judges jobs harder each year. This is the fourth year we have presented the awards with a record number of entries coming in. The standard was again exceptional. This Award has again demonstrated just some of the contributions that are happening in our industry that in many cases seem to go not so much unnoticed, but to some extent unrecognised, by us as a wider aged care industry.

2012 Above and Beyond Award WinnersWe choose two equal winners every year and this year needed also to add 2 Highly Commended awards because of the high standard of entries. Both our winners this year are individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in their respective positions and have demonstrated they are prepared to commit to go well “Above and Beyond” what might reasonably be expected of them.

2012 Above and Beyond Award WinnerDafni Brown from Star Gardens at Beaudesert is a winner of the “Above and Beyond Award for 2012. Dafni has worked at Star Gardens for 5 years, starting as a carer in 2007. She rapidly applied her skills and knowledge to further study, becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) by January 2010. Her dedication to her role, demonstrated professional abilities and excellent communication skills led her to be chosen to be the Project Manager for the implementation of iCare (a clinical documentation and medication management system) within Star Gardens in 2010.

Following on from this successful project Dafni was then asked to project manage the implementation of the Vocera project (a hands-free voice activated communications system), which she successfully completed in 2011. In September 2011, Dafni was promoted to the role of Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC). Dafni is currently undertaking her Masters of Health Practice/Gerontology.

Trudy was supported by her employer through a traineeship in Cert 3. Trudy duly organised other staff to form a study group and whilst demonstrating exceptional care for her residents as well as looking after her family Trudy completed the Cert 3 in May 2008. It seems Trudy’s passion for learning had been whetted and her organisational skills in relation to the facility had come to the fore with Trudy taking on more responsibility in planning and working with the allied health professionals visiting Paradise Lakes. In 2008 Trudy was also supported by her employer when she decided to enrol in the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing and successfully completed that qualification in 2009.Trudy Chesterman from Paradise Lakes on the Gold Coast is our other winner for 2012. Trudy has shown great determination and a high level of motivation since starting her role at Paradise Lakes, a small 48 bed facility, as a carer without her Certificate Three in Aged Care. Trudy had been out of the workforce for a number of years taking time to raise her five children, the youngest of whom has a health issue. Trudy was keen to return to the industry where her passion lay.

Highly Commended

Highly Commended AwardIn 2010 Trudy’s employer recognised her outstanding ability, organisational skills and leadership qualities by offering her the role of Clinical Co-ordinator. The rest as they say, “is history”. Trudy has gone from strength to strength in this role and the comments from her residents and colleagues demonstrated that Trudy is a worthy recipient of the Above and Beyond Award.

Jenni Hamling from St Paul de Chartres who organises annually a “Never too old to burn rubber day,” has been awarded a Highly Commended. For this Jenni commits countless hours of her own time to organise a mother’s day event like no other. Approximately 40 members of the Logan Albert and Mt. Lindsay Ulysess bike clubs descend on the car park at St Pauls de Chartres to give residents a ‘ride’ they will never forget (around the car park). There are also very popular stalls, face painting, raffles, a morning tea and BBQ lunch with all the visitors, families etc. Of course the day is an ongoing conversation topic by residents and their families for many months. Congratulations & Well Done Jenni.

Above and Beyond Award for 2012Staff of Arch Bishop Duhig Court Hostel who have managed and continue to manage the building of a new site, on site, at their existing facility. Their goal was to maintain a status quo for all residents whilst the new $57m, 143 bed multi story site was being built on the same site. This is a huge goal by any standard. The testimony by residents, families and staff as to how this has been managed is truly amazing and credit needs to go to all the management and staff at of Arch Bishop Duhig Court Hostel where the previous staff room and surrounds has now become a small unit for a married couple who are long term residents but were thinking they may lose their rooms through the demolition and rebuild, not to mention the manager who gave up her office to ‘create’ a new 4 bed room. Consultation and teamwork seem to have been to priorities and the referees certainly agreed that the team at Arch Bishop Duhig Court Hostel show of these in spades. Congratulations & Well Done ALL at Arch Bishop Duhig Court Hostel.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year at the Above and Beyond Awards

– Lyn Turner – Director, National Care Solutions

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Above And Beyond Award Winners 2011

Going Above and Beyond

The Awards are bestowed by National Care Solutions and NIMAC through an agreement between both parties. They recognise exceptional contribution by an individual or organisation who has significantly changed and improved the quality of services to older Australians through their actions, commitment and dedication to aged care. The recipient will have made a notable contribution at a local, national and/or state level over a number of years.

Nominations are made via colleagues or peers. The recipient of the awards are determined by a panel made up of one business representative, a representative of National Care Solutions and a representative of NIMAC.

We had a very high calibre of entries this year and would love to say the same next year. To all NIMAC Members we encourage you to start thinking about who you might like to nominate. The winners of each of the 2 prizes each receive a prize of $500 for them to use as they wish.

Mary Newman (AIN) and Dianne Smith (volunteer) took it upon themselves to create a living garden in the dementia area. This was down in their own time and quickly became a project involving many more ‘volunteers both from the site and the community. Fragrant plantings such as lavender and rosemary line pathways to allow walkers to brush them as they traverse the oaths. Standard roses add their perfume and tall hardy camellias have softened hard corners of the building. This area has now become the residents “front yard.” The back yard had citrus trees and some vegetables planted. The residents are excited at being able to pick their own tomatoes, peas, beans and strawberries. The garden is so good it was entered into the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Competition and received 3rd place in the Hospital, Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages section. The garden has brought great pleasure to the residents as they wander along the paths and enjoy lunches in their colourful garden.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year at the Above and Beyond Awards

– Lyn Turner – Director, National Care Solutions

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