by National Care Solutions

Above And Beyond Award Winners 2011

Going Above and Beyond

The Awards are bestowed by National Care Solutions and NIMAC through an agreement between both parties. They recognise exceptional contribution by an individual or organisation who has significantly changed and improved the quality of services to older Australians through their actions, commitment and dedication to aged care. The recipient will have made a notable contribution at a local, national and/or state level over a number of years.

Nominations are made via colleagues or peers. The recipient of the awards are determined by a panel made up of one business representative, a representative of National Care Solutions and a representative of NIMAC.

We had a very high calibre of entries this year and would love to say the same next year. To all NIMAC Members we encourage you to start thinking about who you might like to nominate. The winners of each of the 2 prizes each receive a prize of $500 for them to use as they wish.

Mary Newman (AIN) and Dianne Smith (volunteer) took it upon themselves to create a living garden in the dementia area. This was down in their own time and quickly became a project involving many more ‘volunteers both from the site and the community. Fragrant plantings such as lavender and rosemary line pathways to allow walkers to brush them as they traverse the oaths. Standard roses add their perfume and tall hardy camellias have softened hard corners of the building. This area has now become the residents “front yard.” The back yard had citrus trees and some vegetables planted. The residents are excited at being able to pick their own tomatoes, peas, beans and strawberries. The garden is so good it was entered into the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Competition and received 3rd place in the Hospital, Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages section. The garden has brought great pleasure to the residents as they wander along the paths and enjoy lunches in their colourful garden.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year at the Above and Beyond Awards

– Lyn Turner – Director, National Care Solutions
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