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Above And Beyond Award Winners 2015

Above and Beyond in 2015

For the 7th year in 2015, we have very proudly honoured contributors to the aged care industry through the bestowing of the “Above and Beyond Award”. Our Award promotes and recognises someone or an organisation within the aged care industry that contributes to the quality of life of older people through innovative practices for staff and residents alike. The award also acknowledges efforts to increase public confidence and community involvement in aged and community services in a positive manner.

The 2015 recipient of the National Care Solutions Award is a worthy recipient with the panel having much difficulty in deciding the winner. In the end as well as awarding the winner with her certificate and her $500 prize money the panel also awarded an honourable mention to two other applicants. These were: Jill Brennan from Wahroonga Retirement Village, nominated by her manager, Lorna Perret and Kim Murphy from Salem Northridge Lutheran Rest Home, nominated by her manager Maxine Noone. Both these homes have had previous winners of the “Above and Beyond Awards” in the past and it is commendable that the standard of entry still causes much lively discussion amongst the Judges. Congratulations to Kim and Jill.

Our 2015 winner of the National Care Solutions Above and beyond Award is Merja Jaaskelainen from Australian Finnish Rest Home Association. Merja was nominated by Chris from Allied Connect who is a NIMAC member and is also the provider of contracted allied health services to AFRHA.
Merja is employed at AFRHA and has recently completed her endorsed enrolled nurse training. Merja has a real passion for assisting the elderly clients that reside within the residential facility, retirement village and community dwelling clients that attend AFRHA on a regular basis.

Merja is a leader in facilitating a healthy lifestyle and is a guiding light for all the residents. Merja is always smiling and encouraging residents to participate and has managed to achieve some unbelievable goals with the residents that attend her programs. In aged care we know the rehabilitation process is a long and hard one but in this case Merja is well prepared to give it 110% to achieve the goals for her residents and clients.

Merja was instrumental in building the program to a point where a new custom built building was designed to house a customised wellness centre to not only service the AFRHA community but the greater Bayside Community. Merja was very excited at the prospect of integrating the services into the greater Bayside Community to promote as wellness program to the community in general.
Merja has been a vocal advocate of the benefits of exercise in the health and wellbeing of older Australians. This has included a focus on inclusiveness through a CALD clientele.

Through Merja’s advocacy and track record of residents’ enthusiasm and results, AFRHA has been able to implement a wellness centre that can offer these fantastic services to the greater community.

Congratulations to Merja on winning the 2015 Above and Beyond Award.

– National Care Solutions
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