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LASA National Congress 2018

LASA National Congress 2018

LASA Congress 2018

A south east Queensland provider is thinking ‘outside the box’ in an effort to bring their management team with them on the reform agenda.

The team from De Paul Villa at Southport on the Gold Coast linked with aged care consultant, Lyn Turner from National Care Solutions to attend the LASA Congress in Adelaide recently.

After the congress the group stayed in South Australia and treated themselves to some off-site training where they were able to combine a reflection of the new knowledge gained at the Congress as well as reviewing their strategic direction once this new knowledge could be added to the mix.

High on the priorities canvassed during this time was the transition plan to meet compliance with the new Standards as well as taking note of all the information given in relation to the Royal Commission next year. Lyn Turner is happy work with her clients flexibility wherever it is going to be most beneficial to them.

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